All utility services are provided through Ripley Power and Light and Ripley Gas, Water and Wastewater, municipally owned systems. 

SCADA system for reliability, and serves as a heart monitor for three (3) substations. 

New backup generation saves existing industry $200,000 per year on electric cost. Installing six megawatts of generation helped one local industry with "just in time" schedule, and the advantage of interruptible power rate. 

Offers Enhanced Growth Credit Program for new or expanding industry by reducing power cost for eight years. 

Power quality experts will help in the initial design of a new facility. 

New wastewater treatment facility, an aerated lagoon to accommodate 20-year projected wastewater flows. 

Discharge from this facility will be through a 20 inch force main extending 13 miles to the Mississippi River assuring customers the maximum dilution rate. 

Additional 1,600,000 gallons of water storage bringing storage capacity in elevated tanks to 2,400,000 gallons. This is in addition to existing ground level tank storage of 600,000 gallons. 

Water Treatment Facility present peak usage is 2,240,000 gallons. The Water Treatment Facility has 200,000 gallons of water set aside for Industrial Usage. 

ADSS Fiber Optic backbone system throughout Ripley. The main fiber backbone is 192 fiber with feeder circuits of 24 and 48 fibers. Used by the utility departments to communicate between offices, substations, water tanks, and lift stations.

Ripley has excess dark fiber to lease to new industry to link computer systems, telephones, and long distance. Any type of generation facility can also be linked back to the headquarters of Ripley Power & Light for monitoring and control. 

Ripley Board of Public Utilities
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Phone (731) 635-2323
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Ripley Power & Light
148 S. Main St.
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Mike Allmand, CEO

Ripley Gas & Water
116 Church St.
Ripley, TN 38063
Bill Maxwell, CEO

Forked Deer Electric
Hwy. 51 N.
Halls, TN 38040
Harold Willis, CEO


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