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County Officials located in the Lauderdale County Courthouse, 100 Court Square, Ripley, TN 38063:

Lauderdale County Mayor - Honorable Maurice Gaines, Jr.(635-3500)
Administrator of Elections - Cindi Tillman (635-2881)
Assessor of Property - Renate Jennings (635-9561)
Clerk & Master (Chancery) - Sandra Burnham (635-1941)
County Trustee - Judy Conrad (635-0712)
County Court Clerk - Linda Summar (635-2561)
Hwy. Commissioner - Derek Kissell (635-9251)
Probate/Juvenile Judge - Rachel J. Jackson (635-3505)
Register of Deeds - Greg Summars (635-2171)

Lauderdale County Commissioners -Term of Office: 9/1/14 - 9/1/18
Constables - 9/1/12 - 9/1/16

District 1;
Todd Rankin, Deborah Tyus, Gene Edwards
Constable: Vanora Balton Allen

District 2;
Lynnwood Shoemake, Don Connell, Joe Pursell
Constable: Vacant

District 3:
Tommy Dunavant, Dennis King, Phillip Jackson
Constable: Delene Spray

District 4:
Tommy Sanders, Lawrence Andrews, Kaye Jordan
Constable: Cecil Crowder, Sr.

District 5:
Sandra Hughes, Dustin Staggs, Dan Ungerecht
Constable: Mike Wood

District 6:
Jesse Edwards, Robert J. Reviere, Jr., Terry Uselton
Constable: Linda Gaines

District 7:
Lowell Tillman, Mark Bentley, Joe Carmack
Constable: Rodney Moore

District 8:
Monty McWilliams, Eugene Pugh, Robert Harris
Constable: James Fitzhugh

County Officials located in the count County Justice Complex, 675 Hwy. 51 S. Ripley, TN 38063:

Circuit Court Clerk - Richard Jennings (635-0101)
Circuit Court Judge - Jody Walker (635-0763)
District Attorney - Mike Dunavant (635-2803)
Asst District Atty. - Julie Pillow & Joni Livingston (635-2803)
General Sessions Judge - Janice C. Craig (635-2572)
Sheriff - Steve Sanders
Public Defender - Bo Burks (476-0507)
Asst, Public Defender - Melissa Downing, David Stockton (635-2781)

Other County Officials:

- County Attorney - William Dan Douglas, 109 N. Main St, Ripley (635-5113)
- City of Ripley Judge - Tracey Brewer Walker, 121 W. Jackson St., Ripley (635-5111)
- Lauderdale Chamber/Economic & Community Development - Chamber Director - Susan Worlds, 123 S. Jefferson St., Ripley (635-9541)
- Superintendent of Schools, Shawn Kimble, 402 S.Washington St., Ripley (635 -2941)

County Court meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Court House.

State Representative
- 82nd District - Craig Fitzhugh, 134 N. Jefferson St., Ripley (635-1230)
Represents Lauderdale, Crockett, and portions of Dyer counties. He is the Democrat leader in the house.

Local City Officials:

City Board meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM, at City Hall
City Hall -10085 Second St., Gates, TN 38037
Phone: 731-836-7501,
Fax 731-836-5920
(term of office-2017- 2021)

Mayor: Dwayne Dixon, 731-836-5205
Chief of Police: Micah Middlebrook, 731-836-9823
City Recorder: Jenny Ward, 731-836-7501
City Attorney: Dan Douglas, 731-635-5113
Aldermen: Candace Billings, Angela Dixon, Terry Janda, Jennifer Vaughn

City Board meets the 1st Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m, at City Hall;
City Hall - 208 N. Church St., Halls, TN 38040
Phone: 731-836-9653, Fax 731-836-9457
(term of office -2017-2021)

Mayor: Eugene Pugh, 731-836-9653
Chief of Police: Vacant, 731-836-3823
City Recorder: Vacant, 731-836-9653
City Attorney: William Lewis Jenkins, Jr., 731-286-2401

Aldermen: Wayne Belton, David Jennings, James Tyus, Rosie Lemons, Terry Lents, Dale McCaslin

City Board meets the 1st Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall
City Hall - P.O. Box 488, 105 S. Main St., Henning, TN 38041
Phone: 731-738-5055
Fax 731-738-5056
(term of office -2013-2017)

Mayor: Marva Temple, 731-738-5055
Chief of Police: Vacant, 731-738-5103
City Recorder: Monica Madison, 731-738-1315
City Attorney: Frank Deslauriers, 731-221-8807

Vice-Mayor: Quenton Reed
Aldermen: Charles Culbreath, Deborah Bates Taylor, Vanora Allen, Trenisa Anderson, Carstella Douglas

City Board meets the 1st Monday of each month at 6:00p,m, at City Hall
City Hall -110 S. Washington St., Ripley, TN 38063
Phone; 731-635-4000
Fax 731-635-2692
(term of office-2016-2020)

Mayor: Jon Pavletic, 73l-635-9602
Chief of Police: Donnell Baltimore, 731-635-1515
City Recorder: Donna Buckner, 731-635-4000
City Attorney: Rachel Jackson, 731-635-0767

Aldermen: Nyrita Alston, Alonzo Beard, Billy Chipman, Bill Davis, Paul Hankins and Janice Treadway

Lauderdale Chamber / Economic & Community Development, 123 S. Jefferson St., Ripley, TN 38063
731.635.9541 or 8463 (Ph), 731.635.9064 (fax),
All rights reserved. No images may be used without permission.