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- Lauderdale County is in northwest Tennessee, which is at the center of 76% of the major U.S. markets and 48% of the U.S. Population
- Ripley is the county seat of Lauderdale County.
- Ripley is approximately 45 miles north of Memphis, TN.
- The north/south route through Lauderdale County is U.S. Highway 51, which is a 4-lane highway.
- The east/west route through Lauderdale County is Highway 19, which is 22 miles from Interstate 40.
- Interstate 55 is just 25 miles north of Lauderdale County.
- To reach your customer destination the next day: FedEx's national distribution center and the UPS Hub in Memphis are 50 min. away
- Shipments via FedEx and UPS can be made as late as 9:30 pm

Click here for a detailed map of the county:
Click here for a detailed map of Ripley and Halls:


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