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I-69 project
Interstate 69 is a $10 billion, 1,650 mile Canada to Mexico project designated to create a corridor across Mid-America. It was originated in 1991 by Congress and extends from Michigan at the Canadian Border to Texas at the Mexican Border.

The corridor will follow through the western edge of Tennessee covering roughly 135 miles in the state. The State of Kentucky has already approved this interstate going to Fulton, Ky. As it leaves Kentucky for Memphis, TN, it will follow through Lauderdale County along U.S. Highway 51.

A grant in the amount of $2 million was announced in June 2000 by U.S. Representative John Tanner to the Tennessee Dept. of Transportation to complete the survey and design work for the construction of I69 from Fulton, KY, to Dyersburg, TN. In October 2001, the State of Tennessee received $18.4 million for environmental work, preliminary survey, and design for the leg beginning in Dyersburg and moving south (through Ripley) to Millington.

Completion of this highway will stimulate international trade by connecting Canada and Mexico with the population rich heartland section of the country and the growing manufacturing base in the Southern region of the United States.

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I-69 Project Information